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Kristan Russell

Kristan Russell

Probate Client
"Recently we had need of an attorney to handle an estate after a relative passed away. Terri North and her staff at Legal Strategies were absolutely amazing. They helped us work through the process, educating us along the way and advising us legally each step. They handled all those things we couldn't handle ourselves and were gracious to advise us professionally. We felt they personally invested in our situation and we are so pleased with how it all went. I highly recommend them, and have already done so many times. I never thought we'd need an attorney, but am so grateful that we found one that I feel we could contact at any time and count on!"


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I'd like to say a few words about someone who is not only a great asset to our town and community, but someone who knows how to relate to anyone no matter where they are at as far as knowing legal matters...Terri North, from our brief visit, is a kind hearted and hip lawyer that at first meeting is someone you can trust to not only get the correct answers you need but in a language that relates. In any walk of life, its all about people, not their surroundings, their office, their dress or their title; it's about people talking to people-Building Relationships while Accomplishing their Goals...and I, for one, would like to say that I'm glad I know Terri, and especially that she's on my side...

Legal Strategies, P.C. 

Terri North is the Macomb County, Michigan attorney who heads up the Legal Strategies practice. Legal Strategies assists clients in the areas of estate planning, probate and real estate. 
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