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Here what our clients have to say about working with Terri North and her team at Legal Strategies, PC

Absolutely amazing!

Kristan Russell

Recently we had need of an attorney to handle an estate after a relative passed away. Terri North and her staff at Legal Strategies were absolutely amazing. They helped us work through the process, educating us along the way and advising us legally each step. They handled all those things we couldn't handle ourselves and were gracious to advise us professionally. We felt they personally invested in our situation and we are so pleased with how it all went. I highly recommend them, and have already done so many times. I never thought we'd need an attorney, but am so grateful that we found one that I feel we could contact at any time and count on!

Kristan Russell
Probate and Estate Handling

Honest and trustworthy advisor

Dana Casson

Terri is an honest and trustworthy advisor who tells it like it is. I feel very comfortable working with her regarding my estate planning.

Dana Casson
Estate Planning

Achieved my goals

Sharon Case

I have used Terri to do not only my estate planning, but for real estate endeavors as well. With Terri's expertise I was able to achieve goals that I previously thought may not be possible & have preserved assets that now can be passed down to my son. Terri is very thorough & has the forethought to ask those tough "what if" questions that protect us from unforeseen circumstances that can (and in my case, did) occur. I'm grateful for her diligence & guidance. The return on investment is immeasurable.

Sharon Chase
Realtor, Advantage Real Estate
Estate Planning, Real Estate Law

Quick response times

We hired Terri to help our company collect an old receivable debt. We thought we had tried everything to get our client to pay before we hired Terri, but once we hired her, she pointed out that we had an enforceable, personal guaranty from the owner of the company that owed us money. Terri immediately sent him a letter reminding him of his obligations and he quickly decided it was better to pay us than to fight.

We were impressed with how quickly Terri always returned all of our phone calls, reviewed our documents and explained our options to us. We had completely "written off" this debt before Terri got involved; now we have been paid in full.

Lisa Esposito
Owner, Royal Aluminum Fence
Business Law

Helped me as a startup

Sara Follebout

Terri helped me with some legal paperwork required for my SBA loan. She did not feel that the paperwork the SBA requested was necessary, but at their insistence, she created a document to satisfy their requirements. Terri showed her integrity in the fact that she would have turned the job away to help a small business owner start up. I have since had the opportunity to get to know her and I find her to be a very cheerful, personable and down-to-earth person who is always ready to help out.

Sara Follebout
Business Law

Everyone referred me to Terri

Dan Hickson

At the start of the New Year, our consulting firm began to closely examine our existing legal structure in the areas of service agreements, sales agreements and several others.
It was clear that many of them needed to be further developed and the scope of each finely defined.

After reaching out to gain the opinions of the people I trust the most for a referral, one name continued to surface in every conversation; Terri North.

By the third time I heard her name mentioned, I made the call and met with Terri.

Like a finely tuned legal engine here in the motor city, Terri listened carefully and asked very pointed questions to make sure she clearly understood the intent and primary objective for each of the documents I would hire her to create.

She quickly began working on each contract and with laser like precision she designed each one to achieve its primary objective. Her comments and concerns helped to shape the breadth of the document to ensure we were securely protected every step of the way.

Terri has proven to be a valuable legal resource and we are proud to have her on our team.

Dan Hickson
Owner, ENRG Consulting, Inc.

Gets results - and fast

Charlie Langton

Even lawyers need lawyers sometimes. That's why Terri is my lawyer. She gets the job done. Smart, aggressive-- she devotes the time it takes to get results....and fast! You need a lawyer who makes you feel like your issue is her number one priority. That's Terri!!

Charlie Langton
Attorney and FOX 2 Legal Analyst
Business Law

Provided fresh insights

Jeff Mcelyea

I have used Terri for legal and estate planning work. I have also referred her to clients of Lucid Business Strategies. Terri's work is impeccable. On multiple occasions,Terri has provided insight on legal issues I would have never considered. Perhaps the thing I enjoy most about working with Terri is that she is so personable. She makes legal issues understandable and speaks English v. legalese. I always feel I am talking to a friendly advisor instead of an attorney. I highly recommend Terri for any contract law,corporate law or estate planning issues.

Jeff Mcelyea
Business Law, Estate Planning

Very personable

Terri North at Legal Strategies was the attorney that my family picked to plan my parents' estate plan. What I first liked about Terri is she is very personable. Combined this with the fact that she is very knowledgeable and experienced made me feel comfortable. She takes her time and explains everything in a unique style that is easily understood by all. I was so impressed with the way Terri handled my parents' estate that when I set up my business I turned again to Terri to advise me. She currently advises me on all legal issues concerning my business. I would highly recommend her.

Janet Wescott
Owner, Integrity Estate Sales
Estate Planning

No stress refinancing

We complain enough about bad service. Thought is was time to stand up for those who go beyond the call.

Low mortgage rates prompted us to refinance our equity loan. Though the mortgage company promised a smooth transaction I was convinced we were in for trouble since we were 1800 miles from home.

Early in the process they raised questions that only Terri North, our attorney, could answer. She made herself available to satisfy them while also taking the time to call us with an explanation of their demands. She e-mailed the form; we printed and signed it, overnighted it back to her; she sent it to be recorded. The county took its usual three weeks to finally record it, but Terri was on it. She immediately informed the title company to search for the new recording and we closed on time.

No fretting. No stress. We were in good hands.

Randy and Sandy Zafferani
Real Estate Law

Guided us through a hard loss

Terri North is truly one of a kind. She guided me and my wife through a very hard loss of two companies and a terrible costly partnership breakup. Her knowledge got us through making us feel like we had a chance, and her heart made us feel like she was on our side when it was not a popular position. Loyal, trustworthy and knowledgeable are just a few words that describe Terri North

Joe Cipriano
Onwer, Constructeam
Business Law

Fair, professional and comprehensive

I trust Terri at My Legal Strategies for my personal and corporate legal needs. My Legal Strategies has completed my personal estate planning, often reviews our corporate contracts, and provided legal assistance through the difficult process of severing a business partnership. I still own the business and it thrives today. Terri is fair, professional, comprehensive, and takes the time to explain legal matters in terms that I can understand.

Laurie L Diener
Sr. Partner, LLDien Consulting, Inc.
Business Law, Estate Planning

Communicates clearly

I have used Terri on several occasions from general advice to business contracts. She has a great deal of knowledge in her field and speaks to you in a language you can understand. It has been a pleasure working with Terri every time. Thank you Terri!

Bryan Duquet
Owner, Sign-A-Rama of Clinton Township
Business Law

Great customer service

We have had attorneys in the past that were very knowledgeable and professional. Terri has taken it to the next level. Not only is she well versed in the law, her "customer service" is second to none. In our business any delays cost us money. Terri is on top of her game.

Doug Engelhardt
Business Law

No pressure

I have been working with Terri North for the last year and a half on different projects that I needed to get in order for myself. I had just gone through a lot with my parents and lost them both in 2009. Terri answered my questions and encouraged me to also get my personal paperwork in order. Since I am living with but not married to my partner, I had no legal say in his care and he did not have any for me. Being responsible for the full care for both my parents helped me to see that he and I needed Terri's help to get our affairs in order. Terri answered any questions I had and never hesitated to call me back or e-mail me. I feel very comfortable talking and working with her. There is no pressure. She talks to you and not over your head. She is a person I am pleased to have in my court.

Michele S Jones
Owner, Horn of Plenty, Inc.
Estate Planning

Accommodated my special needs

I feel very fortunate that I was directed to Terri for help with my real estate issues. She not only resolved my situations but also accommodated my special needs. When you need help you want someone you can place your trust in, I definitely feel Terri did that for me and would highly recommend her.

Charlene Monte
Real Estate Law

Kept me up-to-date every step of the way

After my first attorney took 6 months and did very little but charge me, I released him and contacted Terri North. It took about a week to go through the first lawyer's mess but Terri and her staff picked up where the first lawyer left off, addressed all the issues in my mom's estate and closed it within 3 months. Terri kept me up-to-date either by phone or e-mail every step of the way. I would highly recommend Terri and her firm to anyone.

Serve Oresky
Probate and Estate Handling

Answered all my questions

Terri North and Legal Strategies have looked over my will and estate planning documents. She made suggestions that will help me in planning for my family. She has also reviewed very complicated contractual documents for me in a timely and easy to understand manner. Terri was very helpful and sat down with me to review these documents, one by one to make sure I had all my questions answered. She has a calming, yet thorough nature about her that makes you feel comfortable while you are working with her. I would highly recommend her without reservation for estate planning and document review/generation.

Douglas Schultz
Owner, Quest Physical Therapy
Estate Planning

Referring Terri makes me look like a hero

My name is Tracy Simmons and I am the owner of Commercial Graphics. We are a full service printing company located in Sterling Heights. I meet Terri in a networking group we both belong to. Being in business, I must say I was very impressed with her knowledge of business law and the inner workings of how contracts should be drawn up. I have referred Terri to several of my own clients who were in need of this service and she has always made me look like a hero for leading them to someone who understands exactly what it is they need and helps them understand why they need it. I highly recommend using a professional for your legal needs and thats exactly what I have found Terri to be, truly professional.

Tracy Simmons
Owner, Commercial Graphics
Business Law

Sent my own parents to Terri

I am an attorney and have been for 20 years. I trust Terri completely. I sent my own parents to Terri to have their trust, wills, and power of attorneys drafted. She did a great job for them. My parents were very happy with her also. In addition, I am a litigation attorney, therefore, I frequently send clients to Terri who need the type of services that she provides that I do not, such as drafting contracts, estate planning, setting up corporations or LLCs, and real estate matters.

Mark W Stepek
Business Law, Estate Planning

Thorough and reliable

I have known Terri North for over 20 years. As a trial lawyer myself, I have worked with Terri in litigated matters and now refer clients to her that are in need of real estate, probate and contract legal services. Terri is not only thorough, but she is reliable and a person of impeccable integrity.

Joseph Sukup
Business Law, Probate and Estate Handling, Real Estate Law

Gave us peace of mind

Terri was very personable and helpful with our estate planning. She explained the various types of estate plans and helped us to understand which one was right for us. She walked us through the entire process, and when we were finished my husband and I felt a great sense of relief and peace of mind. Now we know that if tragedy struck, our children would be taken care of to the best of our wishes.

Liz and Will Timmerman
Estate Planning

Look no further

I am often asked to refer an attorney to my friends and clients. Invariably, when I refer Terri North's name, I hear responses like ..... "oh, I know her"...... "..she does a great job".... and... "we just LOVE her". It is comforting to know I can refer Terri to my clients without reservation. I always receive great feedback about her service, AND how thoughtfully she provides it. Look no farther.

Dave Tuscany

Kept our best interest in mind

We were very pleased with our experience with Legal Strategies and in particular Terri North. This was one of our first experiences in dealing with a lawyer and our first experience buying a business and Terri made us very comfortable. We trusted that she worked with our best interest in mind and we were not let down. She walked us through the process and answered all of our questions in plain English. Terri was very accessible throughout the process and kept us well informed as to what was happening and what had to be done next. I would recommend Terri and Legal Strategies as well as utilize her services in the future.

Nicole Viviano
Owner, Electric Tan
Business Law

Great asset to our community

I'd like to say a few words about someone who is not only a great asset to our town and community, but someone who knows how to relate to anyone no matter where they are at as far as knowing legal matters...Terri North, from our brief visit, is a kind hearted and hip lawyer that at first meeting is someone you can trust to not only get the correct answers you need but in a language that relates. In any walk of life, its all about people, not their surroundings, their office, their dress or their title; it's about people talking to people-Building Relationships while Accomplishing their Goals...and I, for one, would like to say that I'm glad I know Terri, and especially that she's on my side...

Ron Wolf
Owner, Beacon Property Solutions
Business Law, Real Estate Law

My favorite attorney

She is my favorite attorney. I rarely tell anybody I like an attorney Terri is the exception.

Mark Workens
Owner, Mortgage 1 Incorporated
Real Estate Law


Don't guess. Ask.

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Legal Strategies, P.C. 

Terri North is the Macomb County, Michigan attorney who heads up the Legal Strategies practice. Legal Strategies assists clients in the areas of estate planning, probate and real estate. 
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