At Legal Strategies, we understand that planning for your family’s future can be very stressful. Our first priority is to answer all of your questions and to correct any misinformation that you have been given. Only after we help you build a strong knowledge base will we work with you to make sound decisions about your estate plan.

We will walk you through a list of questions to help anticipate your family’s needs and how best to address those. We will draft customized documents for you and will fully explain all of those documents so you and your family know when and how to use those documents. We are also available to help your family handle your affairs after you are gone.

If you would like information about any of the following areas, please call us to discuss the strategies that are available to assist you and your family. We are happy to meet with you either in our office or the comfort of your own home.


  • A way to manage money for your children until they reach a suitable age to receive their inheritance
  • A way to manage money for a child with special needs
  • How to provide for children and step-children from a “blended” family
  • How to make gifts to your favorite charity or church
  • How to make sure your personal items are distributed to those you choose
  • Hand-selecting who will handle your financial decisions if you are unable to do so for yourself
  • Hand-selecting who will handle your medical decisions if you are unable to do so for yourself
  • How to handle the “repayment” of loans or gifts to family members
  • Who receives your assets if you never prepare a Will
  • Who is in charge of your estate if you never prepare a Will
  • The hidden costs of putting a child’s name on your assets
  • What really happens when an estate goes through probate
  • The truth about disinheriting someone
  • How an heir can object to your Will
  • The truth about estate taxes and who pays them
  • What is a living trust and how does it really work

At Legal Strategies, we can address all of your estate planning concerns. We are available to provide the following services:

  • Write a new Will
  • Review and update an existing Will
  • Create a Trust
  • Review and amend an existing Trust
  • Help to transfer assets to your Trust
  • Prepare a power of attorney for your financial affairs
  • Prepare a designation of patient advocate for your medical affairs




Don't guess. Ask.

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Legal Strategies, P.C. 

Beth Stubbs is the Macomb County, Michigan attorney who heads up the Legal Strategies practice. Legal Strategies assists clients in the areas of estate planning, probate and real estate. 
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