Dying to Know

Terri explains why you need to customize your estate plan, the risk of do-it-yourself Wills, the truth about probate court, and why you need powers of attorney.

Money Matters - AM 580

Money Matters Part 1

(Runtime: 20:45)

Money Matters Part 2

(Runtime: 22:12)

Avoid the Pitfalls of Estate Planning!

View the presentation by Terri North, Owner of Legal Strategies, P. C., and learn which steps to take and which to avoid.

Part 1: Estate Planning

Part 1: Estate Planning
(Runtime: 29:17)

Part 2: Estate Sales and FAQ's

Part 2: Estate Sales & FAQs
(Runtime: 32:10)

Estate Planning Audio Interview with Terri North

Listen to Terri's recent audio interview she gave for Budget Wise Consulting and their clients to learn about estate planning.

Managing a Loved One's Affairs? Don't Be Overwhelmed!

Part 1: Power of Attorney

Part 1: Power of Attorney
(Runtime: 18:01)

Part 2: Probate Court

Part 2: Probate Court
(Runtime: 13:01)

Part 3: Question and Answer

Part 3: Question and Answer
(Runtime: 21:34)