Many adult children may believe that Mom or Dad can no longer safely drive their car. While it may be difficult to have the conversation about Mom or Dad giving up the car keys, it may be required in order to protect them. A person may not realize that his decreased abilities are making him an unsafe driver. However, if a driver does not voluntarily agree to stop driving, then it is possible to report an unsafe driver to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office.

How You Can Help

A concerned family member, friend, healthcare professional or law enforcement officer can request a re-examination of the driver by submitting a Request for Driver Evaluation form.  The person requesting the evaluation MUST provide his name and contact information. The Secretary of State will NOT accept or process an anonymous request. However, the information will remain confidential to the extent permitted by Michigan and federal law. On December 13, 2012, Michigan law was amended to provide immunity if a physician or optometrist voluntarily reports a patient’s mental or physical inability to operate a motor vehicle to the Secretary of State.

What Happens Next

If the Secretary of State determines that sufficient evidence exists, it will notify the driver to attend a re-examination within 30 days. Based on the interview with a Secretary of State employee, the driver may be given a road test. The Secretary of State can then issue a limited or restricted license that can restrict driving times or geographic areas. However, if the driver fails to show competency in vision, road sign identification or written knowledge of traffic laws, then his license can be suspended immediately.

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