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Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

As some of you may be aware, the amount of money you can pass at your death has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past few decades.  In 2018, the amount was doubled from $5 million to $11.4 million per person ($11.5 million in 2020).  The tradeoff is that the amount is […]

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Open for Business

By Executive Order on June 1st, law offices can now re-open for business.  So, we have returned to our usual business hours. We have made some changes since March 24th, however.  We want to keep you safe and make sure you are comfortable when you meet with us.  So, we have implemented the following protocols […]

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Danger! Danger! How to Avoid Scams

It’s pretty certain that the Coronavirus quarantine has sent all of us to our electronic devices more than ever as we search for reliable information about the virus (or just pass the time playing Candy Crush!).  Merrill Lynch recently sent a timely warning about protecting your online financial and personal information during these unusual times. […]

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Ask Aging Parents These Questions

The Marchand Advisory Group of Raymond James recently published a list of important questions that you should ask your parents before there is an emergency. Financial Where are the financial assets? Ask you parents to create a list of their bank, brokerage and retirement account, including online user names and passwords.  If they are reluctant […]

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Queen of Soul’s Reign Ends Badly

According to a recent article in Hour magazine, Aretha Franklin’s estate is headed to court. At the time of her death, Aretha had four sons and no Will on file with any of her attorneys. The four sons are her legal heirs. In August of 2018, they agree to have their cousin, Sabrina Owens, act as the representative for Aretha’s estate.

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Trying to Stay in Touch!

All of us at Legal Strategies understand the seriousness of the Corona virus. We want you to stay healthy.  And we want to be healthy when we can see you again face to face. So, we will be honoring the Governor’s mandate to shelter in place. However, we also know that your legal work is […]

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Locating Life Insurance

Do you think you might still have life insurance, but you can’t find the policy?  Do you think a deceased relative had a policy that no one has ever claimed?  If so, you might be able to find it on the State of Michigan’s unclaimed property website: If you don’t know the name of […]

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Estate Planning for Personal Property

Most people are driven to plan their estate because they are worried about their major assets – their home, a business, a large life insurance policy. But it is often the personal items – such as jewelry, collectibles and mementos, that have the highest sentimental value. It is easy to divide money by the number […]

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Clearing the Paper Blizzard

At the start of a new year, when tax documents are issued, many folks wonder how long they have to keep their old tax records.  If you are eager to shred your old records, you should be aware of the IRS rules for what to keep and how long. The IRS recommends that you […]

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