The Problem

The Michigan landlord-tenant courts are filled with many sad stories of families going through economic hardships who fall behind on their rent. Unfortunately, many landlords are small business owners who cannot afford to miss a mortgage payment and therefore have no choice but to evict a tenant who is not paying rent.

The Solution

The 37th District Court (serving Warren and Center Line) is now using the Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) to help both landlords and tenants through these challenging economic times. The EDP is a voluntary program that allows the landlord to get paid and the tenant to stay. A landlord who is interested in participating in the EDP must complete and file a form along with the summons and complaint. In order to qualify for the EDP, the rental property must be:

  1. located in Warren or Center Line;
  2. in compliance with all local ordinances and safe, decent and sanitary; and
  3. rented at a fair-market value.

How It Works

If the tenant agrees to participate, the court will schedule a meeting to determine the tenant’s eligibility and to secure funding. The landlord and the tenant must agree on the amount of back rent that is owed. Under the EDP, up to 3 months of unpaid rent may be funded by federal funds, the State Emergency Relief Program and charitable donations from community organizations and churches.

If the requirements are met, the parties will sign a conditional dismissal of the eviction case. This will prevent a court judgment from furthering damaging the tenant’s credit and may save the landlord the costs of removing the tenant and re-renting the property.

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