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Most of us know that we are entitled to a free credit report from the three major credit bureaus once a year. Requesting a different report from one agency every four months can help you ensure that your personal and financial information is accurateand that your identity has not been stolen. But did you know that there are other ways to monitorother pieces of personal information?

The AARP Bulletin recently reported on additional databases that can also help spot identity fraud.

Public Records

LexisNexis Personal Reports lists public records filed under your name, including real estate ownership, criminal history, and liens. You can download and mail a request form (available here) or call (866) 312-8102.


The Medical Information Bureau reports a coded listing of all of your reported medical conditions and tests. Go to mib.com or call (866) 692-6901. Then, contact your health insurer for an annual statement of all of your claims and treatments. Compare both reports to see if there are discrepancies, which could be a sign of medical identity theft.

Insurance Claims

You can verify automobile and property insurance claims by visiting Verisk A-Plus Report and typing “order free report” in the search box, or by calling (800) 627-3487.

Additional Reports

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers a master list of 40 different specialty reports, many of which are free. Click here to view the list.

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