March is the month when Michigan corporations receive their annual report from the State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). This year, LARA has also included a warning with the mailing to corporations.

The Problem

A non-governmental company called Corporate Records Service is sending out misleading solicitations which imply that a Michigan corporation must complete a 2013 Annual Corporate Records Form. The instructions for completing the form list a return address of 5859 West Saginaw Highway, #343, Lansing, Michigan. Naturally, the form looks like an official government document, but it is not. It addition, Corporate Records Service charges a $125.00 for you to file their fake report.

The Solution

Michigan corporations should deal only with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The filing fee for an annual report with the State of Michigan is only $25.00, not the $125.00 being charged by Corporate Records Service. LARA sends notices only to a corporation’s resident agent at the corporation’s registered office. If you receive mail at another address, it could be a clue that the paperwork is not from the State of Michigan, but from the imposter, Corporate Records Service. If you receive an official-looking document, please read it carefully and review the small print. If you are still unsure whether it is legitimate, please contact LARA at (517) 241-6470.

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