The American Bar Association has always promoted advance health care planning decisions.  But now the ABA Commission on Law and Aging has developed a smartphone app that allows users to store and distribute their living will or health care proxy.

How Does It Work?

The "My Health Care Wishes" app makes advance directives easily accessible when they are actually needed. The app gives individuals, and their family members, the ability to store their own, and each others', documents and important medical histories on their phones. Since children are often scattered around the country, there can be a struggle to find needed information when a parent has a medical emergency. Having all the information on each child's phone would allow quick access to the information and each user could email the information to the medical provider who needs it. The app could save valuable time in the event of a crisis.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Advance directives, such as a Designation of Patient Advocate, legally authorize another person to make health care decisions if an individual loses the ability to make his own decisions. It is important for each person to create and sign such a directive and to make sure their appointed agents know where to find the documents when needed. More info about the app can be found at

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